November 01, 2016


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This post is sort of a culmination of the last few days of my trip, where I just stopped taking pictures. There was a family member who passed away in the last few days, so a lot of our time was dedicated to that, and it would be disrespectful to take any pictures there at all.



We went to an EXPO centre of sorts where they were having a huge sale of books and back to school supplies. There were also many vendors who were practising different arts such as candy art...


Kurt Von Hahn at the Vancouver Airport... It was lovely to listen to him play especially since I had a 6 hour layover before my last flight to get home. As this is the final leg of my journey, this will be my last post of all the pictures I took in China. This is definitely one of the longest series I have featured on the blog (also extremely sporadic because of the time management), but I am planning one last post that should be up quite soon! Thanks again for joining me...