October 31, 2016


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Shamian is a small community that is located in the middle of Guangzhou. Historically, it was a port during the Qing Dynasty and housed consulates from Europe. Currently, there are hotels, restaurants and cafes - more importantly, it has so so much character and beauty.





October 30, 2016


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Towards the end of the trip, I didn't take as many pictures because I spent a lot of time at home due to being sick (of course...) One night, I went to my aunt's new apartment and witnessed this beautiful skyline...





October 29, 2016


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This was definitely one of my favourite days throughout my entire trip because we spontaneously decided to go on a trip to a small village a few hours outside of Guangzhou. I don't have a lot to say about it as it was just a really small and quaint village with a lot of character. I think this set of pictures are my most-favoured from my time in China both because of the composition and the colours.




I was walking and playing around with my camera and took a random show and it turned out kind of interesting! I'm actually quite a fan of the way it looks... As I continued throughout the village, I started noticing how much more greenery and nature there was. One of my favourite things was the river running throughout the village with small boats flowing through the canals.

October 28, 2016


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Being an avid coffee drinker, it was hard for me to resist going cafe hopping despite being in China. Surprisngly,  there was actually a plethora of cafes and this does not even begin to scratch the surface. One thing I noticed, however, was the way that each shot of espresso would be accompanied with a cup of iced water as if I would make my own iced Americano. (I assume it's because most people in China don't need black coffee like me)




October 20, 2016


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We set on this day, around 20 of us, ready to go to a farm to pick long-an. Every farmer usually had their own restaurant attached to the farm, which I thought was a very clever business strategy! Who wouldn't want some food after trekking through the forest and mud? Anyways, upon arriving, we realized that we were late into the season, and there was only one tree left for us. The whole point of arriving in such a large group is being able to walk around and explore a farm of trees to pick, so we decided to leave and find a restaurant to eat at instead.


During my trip, I started reading r/nosleep, coming across stories about a Park Ranger coming across creepy ass stairs in the middle of the woods. This reminded me of that, so I decided to take a picture! The more I look at it, the more creeped out I feel...


October 17, 2016

CHINA | THE 1920 (9)

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The following morning, we went to what I would call a more elite neighborhood featuring a circular plaza with gardens, fountains at the center, and cafes and restaurants along the perimeter. 




I thought the set up was very nice and quiet, with an ambiance that was completely different from most restaurants in China. Because of the neighborhood this restaurant was in, it was definitely a lot more expensive and high class. In hindsight, I like how I chose to have German food in China...

October 10, 2016


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Continuing on from the previous post, we ended up going to the restaurant as pictured below. It was within a small community with many restaurants, apartment buildings, and general amenities that was entirely closed off from the main road. It was definitely a lot quieter and the air almost felt fresher just being a bit away from the big roads. Everything was covered in ivy and many people came to this area to take pictures too!




October 06, 2016


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The following day was also a long day of walking around the entire city. We started our day watching The Secret Life of Pets. One thing to note is the definitive difference between China and Canada when it comes to watching movies and its etiquette. While there are reminders before movies to turn off our phones and to be silent, people in China pick up their phone in the middle of the movie and even talk throughout! 

We continued the theme of pets for our next adventure, walking about 30 minutes to an apartment-like complex to a cat cafe! There was a cat cafe about a month before I left for China but I had to work that day. Honestly, this was a fun experience but it didn't live completely up to my expectations. Yes, there were cats, but I'm not entirely sure how to explain what was wrong.