September 29, 2016


As you progress through the pictures of this post, you'll notice the lighting getting darker, and darker. The day that I left for China, the sunsets in Edmonton were still around 9 or 10PM, but arriving in China, it was getting dark around 7PM. Their sunsets definitely pale in comparison to the ones we have in Canada, in my opinion. The amount of smog really just dampens the beauty of nature in such a big city.




September 22, 2016


Continuing from the previous post, we began a long walk around the city once again after having our afternoon tea "meal"! The weather wasn't too hot, but as usual, the smog made breathing feel a little bit more difficult. Throughout the duration of my trip, I found myself missing the fresh air of Edmonton, and moreover, the fresh air of the mountains. Nevertheless, Guangzhou did have a pretty nice skyline and city centre.



One of my favourite parts would definitely be the pedways. Even in Edmonton, I loooove walking across pedways because they're just such a beautiful and perfect spot for photos - portraits, landscape, anything!


September 15, 2016


After having lunch at the Piggy Restaurant, we headed to my other great aunt's house just to pay her a visit. As we left to go to another shopping centre, we decided to take a more scenic route - an intersection between a busy road and a water canal.





September 12, 2016


My third day post shall be split up into multiple posts as I walked 24000 steps this day and took a lot of photos. We shall start off with the morning to noon time of Friday, August 5. This morning, I went to Zhonghua Shopping Centre with my cousin, grandma, and great aunt. After a bit (a lot) of walking around, we decided to settle in for lunch! We went to a restaurant called "Piggy Restaurant" that served Korean food. 


September 08, 2016


My second day (Thursday August 4) in Guangzhou was pretty lame as it was my time of month - which combined with a bit of jet lag just incapacitated me for most of the day. In the morning, my grandparents, brother, and me went out with my grandparents' friends for dim sum. Although back home it is more common to have dim sum around noon, the elderly love to go out for dim sum in the mornings around 8 or 9.


This particular restaurant was based off of streets found in Hong Kong and we were even able to sit and talk with the owner of the restaurant for a bit. Here are a few pictures of the food we ate there, as the dim sum in China can be quite different than what is found here. My mom and I actually discussed this afterwards - about how restaurants in China are constantly having to come up with new presentations of food in order to make it interesting to customers as there are SO MANY RESTAURANTS. The fact that the competition results in delicious food is definitely not a problem for me.

September 01, 2016


I recently returned from my trip to Guangzhou, China and this is part one of the photos from that trip. Leaving on August 1, 2016, from Edmonton, I arrived in Guangzhou around 5PM. The day before my flight, my relatives were telling me about the possible monsoon-type weather that was going on there. As I was waiting for the boarding call during the layover in Vancouver, more news was coming up about many flights to Guangzhou being cancelled. Despite all of this, my flight took off as planned and even arrived a bit earlier than expected.

However, the flight was a bit rough. With about 4 hours left, we hit really bad turbulence - to the point where my water was spilling. I rarely experience anxiety on flights, but I definitely felt a bit nervous. The turbulence did make all the chase scenes in Batman a whole lot more exciting!


This is my grandma's back as she's making Banana Pancakes (song reference anyone?!) for a late night snack!

The following pictures are from my first full day - August 3, 2016. This time, I really wanted to capture both the good and the bad. Instead of living in a hotel as I have previously done, I lived with my grandparents! Although I have visited their home several times during my past visits and even slept there a few times, it was definitely a different experience living there during my entire stay.