October 20, 2016


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We set on this day, around 20 of us, ready to go to a farm to pick long-an. Every farmer usually had their own restaurant attached to the farm, which I thought was a very clever business strategy! Who wouldn't want some food after trekking through the forest and mud? Anyways, upon arriving, we realized that we were late into the season, and there was only one tree left for us. The whole point of arriving in such a large group is being able to walk around and explore a farm of trees to pick, so we decided to leave and find a restaurant to eat at instead.


During my trip, I started reading r/nosleep, coming across stories about a Park Ranger coming across creepy ass stairs in the middle of the woods. This reminded me of that, so I decided to take a picture! The more I look at it, the more creeped out I feel...






As much as I wouldn't want to live in the rural areas of China - it's way to dirty and I know I'm privileged, but I just don't think I'd be able to handle it - I loved seeing all this nature. In the urbanized centre of Guangzhou, it's hard to come across a lot of nature, and even when we do, there's a busy road right beside it. At this small town, there were ancient trees such as these ones pictured above...

Afterward, we went to one of my dad's friend's house (yes, house, not apartment) until it was time for dinner. The great thing about knowing locals is that they know their way around, so we drove through a road in the middle of nowhere to get to a small restaurant that was on top of a pond. A little creepy, but the food was delicious!



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