October 17, 2016

CHINA | THE 1920 (9)

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The following morning, we went to what I would call a more elite neighborhood featuring a circular plaza with gardens, fountains at the center, and cafes and restaurants along the perimeter. 




I thought the set up was very nice and quiet, with an ambiance that was completely different from most restaurants in China. Because of the neighborhood this restaurant was in, it was definitely a lot more expensive and high class. In hindsight, I like how I chose to have German food in China...


The first was just a baguette-like bread and also a sweet pumpkin bread as an appetizer. As we munched on this, we also got our drinks. The tea set was really beautiful and elegant, but the tea itself was a little overly fruity. My coffee, as expected, was watered down.



As we settled in, the food began arriving and everything just looked so good. I don't remember the names of everything but I'll try my best to describe them!

Pictured above is shredded potato with ground pork - it tasted like a really good Shepherd's pie, with a salad on the side. The dressing was sweet with a little bit of lemon to it for a kick.


Next, came the pizza. This was delicious as different as it looks. The "crust" itself was more like a waffle than a pizza crust. Topped with a salad, radish, corn, prosciutto, and a soft-boiled (quail's?) egg, it made for a really tasty combination. 


I didn't actually try the pasta as pictured below, mainly because I wanted to try everything else. It had a cream-based sauce and bacon bits. From what my uncle told me, it was really good!



Last to arrive at our table, after we had finished everything, was a sandwich. I didn't actually end up eating this because I was already really full, but let's just enjoy the presentation!


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