September 08, 2016


My second day (Thursday August 4) in Guangzhou was pretty lame as it was my time of month - which combined with a bit of jet lag just incapacitated me for most of the day. In the morning, my grandparents, brother, and me went out with my grandparents' friends for dim sum. Although back home it is more common to have dim sum around noon, the elderly love to go out for dim sum in the mornings around 8 or 9.


This particular restaurant was based off of streets found in Hong Kong and we were even able to sit and talk with the owner of the restaurant for a bit. Here are a few pictures of the food we ate there, as the dim sum in China can be quite different than what is found here. My mom and I actually discussed this afterwards - about how restaurants in China are constantly having to come up with new presentations of food in order to make it interesting to customers as there are SO MANY RESTAURANTS. The fact that the competition results in delicious food is definitely not a problem for me.


Shrimp Dumplings with a Bok Choy-based Wrap

Bok Choy-based Noodles

Taro and Spare Ribs

Fried Sticky Rice

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