September 01, 2016


I recently returned from my trip to Guangzhou, China and this is part one of the photos from that trip. Leaving on August 1, 2016, from Edmonton, I arrived in Guangzhou around 5PM. The day before my flight, my relatives were telling me about the possible monsoon-type weather that was going on there. As I was waiting for the boarding call during the layover in Vancouver, more news was coming up about many flights to Guangzhou being cancelled. Despite all of this, my flight took off as planned and even arrived a bit earlier than expected.

However, the flight was a bit rough. With about 4 hours left, we hit really bad turbulence - to the point where my water was spilling. I rarely experience anxiety on flights, but I definitely felt a bit nervous. The turbulence did make all the chase scenes in Batman a whole lot more exciting!


This is my grandma's back as she's making Banana Pancakes (song reference anyone?!) for a late night snack!

The following pictures are from my first full day - August 3, 2016. This time, I really wanted to capture both the good and the bad. Instead of living in a hotel as I have previously done, I lived with my grandparents! Although I have visited their home several times during my past visits and even slept there a few times, it was definitely a different experience living there during my entire stay. 

Looking out from the dining table area, my grandma has set up a type of garden area.

This is the living room set up. Behind the glass + curtain is where the guest bedroom was set up, but also an extension of the living room if wanted.

This is actually the window in my grandparents' room. It looks out onto the small balcony where they hang clothes to dry.
I learned a lot during my stay, one of which was hanging up the clothes to dry. Living in Canada, we rarely ever hang up our clothes but it is extremely common in Guangzhou. Delicates are handwashed, other clothes are put through the machine, and all are hung up for about a day or two to dry depending on the weather.

The kitchen - a fairly limited space but definitely not limiting in terms of food.
After breakfast, we headed out to 上下九步行街 or Upper and Lower Ninth Pedestrian Street.This is a very popular tourist area for shopping but having been here a few times, it has slightly lost its appeal to me. I did notice this year that there were several small stores selling HUGE CUPS OF MANGO SMOOTHIES?! Unfortunately, I became allergic to mango a few years ago (my skin reacts very badly to it :/)



Later in the evening, my dad's friends brought my brother and me to Panyu which is just a bit outside of Guangzhou. We drove to a restaurant that was run by farmers and was actually situated in the farm. Despite having doubts about cleanliness etc., it's always SUCH a great experience eating food that is so fresh. 









I will be continuing this series throughout the rest of this month as well as trying my best to post other photo updates.

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