August 17, 2016


I was extremely surprised by how much I loved this book. Not having been a fan of baseball pretty much my entire life, I was actually expecting to have difficulty getting through this book as it was about 500 pages long.

Despite there being many, MANY, baseball terms that I completely did not understand, it was really easy to just keep reading because I was just so interested by the characters. I always love a book that is told from multiple POVs and this one was told from FIVE. It seems like a lot, but it did not feel cluttered or confusing at all. Each character's storyline started off separate, and slowly they all just came together. This is my favourite part of multiple POVs.

Most important, however, would be the lessons learned from the challenges that each character faced. Each of them found themselves in a situation that caused them to question their morals. The book dealt with the issue of success and failure, and what that means to different people based on one's experience.

My favourite thing about The Art of Fielding was the way that character development was intertwined with plot development in that, the plot developed mostly because of the ways the characters were finally being honest with themselves.

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