July 31, 2016


After going out for lunch on Friday, I decided to just take a walk around downtown Edmonton without realizing that it was actually 30 degrees out that day. Unsurprisingly, I got extremely hot and a little bit sticky with sweat, but it was also such a nice and refreshing walk. I started at the Alberta Legislature, enjoying the occasional splash of water on my skin as the water sprayed up and down. 



I started to just take pictures at hip level, just to see what I got. Unfortunately, I didn't really check my settings and a lot of them turned out a bit (quite) blurry - except for this one. I have been struggling with being creative with my photography over the past few months. I don't really know why but I'm just trying my best to recapture that passion I had, and to take pictures I like. This walk itself was a challenge, as I kept changing my settings, and continued to be dissatisfied which prevented me from observing everything around me. Being caught up with my mistakes and unable to overlook them, I missed the opportunity to capture other moments. At the end of the day, I saved 25/78 pictures which is pretty normal, and most of the shots I thought were bad - they turned out OK.

The moral of the lesson: Don't focus on the mistakes, just try to learn from them and keep moving on. Otherwise, you'll just miss other opportunities.



Onto 104th Street: I always see this little bike/trolley around downtown when I'm on my walks and I love it. Although I don't personally shop at Earth's General Store, I am a fan of stores and farmers' markets that strive to provide fresh and local products to Edmontonians.



I saw this outside Evoolution... not sure what this means - free olive oil?? Or do I have to pay? I did not inquire further... 



Similar to the picture of the radio station, I love that we are still able to see remnants of the past on these buildings throughout downtown. I think I will make it a mission to get a picture of as many of these as I can because I really do think that they're pretty unique.


Habitat etc. is a cute store selling local products as well! I love all these small stores mostly because they always feel like a small house. They had the Alberta shirts, journals, bath stuff and just all kinds of knick knacks!


OK, this is probably my favourite picture from the walk. One of the benefits of walking around downtown by yourself is not being afraid of embarrassing your friends. I literally stood and turned my camera straight up as people walked beside me. I got a lot of funny walks but I'm getting to that point in my life and photography where it just doesn't bother me that much.



#YEGdtBigE: I tried to play around with framing in this picture and am still not entirely sure how I feel about it. P






I ended my little adventure in City Hall, remembering how it was only (but also ALREADY) a month ago that I was standing there with all my classmates - graduating. I felt a bit nostalgic about the past, nervous for the future, but needing some sort of change in my life again to just throw me off course, and build me up even more.

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