June 30, 2016

Web Finds | June

I missed several months of doing this, but I actually collected quite a few links over the past few months. I just haven't had time to type up this post!

1 | Free Tampons and Pads in Public Places

Good for you New York City! If I'm being honest, I'm always terrified of not having spare pads with me  and not having any change as well to buy some. I am so glad to see some movement with regards to this. I also didn't know until some time last year that the states had a tax on sanitary products!

2 | It's Raining

This is my friend singing and I love it. It's amazing. She is amazing. Go listen, now. With all the rainy weather we had in May, she wrote her own song!

Photo courtesy of CarysLowe

3 | To Be Successful

I think everyone wants to be successful in life, but everyone's definition of successful is different. The values we have in life help shape our idea of what success looks like, what it means to us, what we do is often a way to pursue this success. It's a worthwhile read.

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