May 01, 2016

Sunday Snapshots | Mindfulness... Again

I was extremely busy last week with performances to the point where I couldn't exactly remember the day let alone type up a blog post for Sunday. However, last week was my first time going to the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market and I absolutely loved it! So yesterday, I decided to bring my mom along with me.

We actually had a great time, and unlike the week before, the weather was beautiful. Sun shining, a bit of a breeze, a few clouds in the sky, performers right outside the market.






What I saw as soon as I entered the market, quite inviting!

I loved that we could sample the food before making purchases, everything was also quite tasty.

There were sooo many beautiful flowers.



After spending about an hour and a half in the market, we were ready for lunch and headed back to the car. Unfortunately, the sign stating "30 minute parking" was a few cars behind where I was parked and I didn't see it when I pulled into my spot. I tried so hard not to let this ruin my day, as I hardly ever get to spend time with my mom and this was the first time we've been to the market together. I admit, it did get to me and I became a bit snappy with my mom when deciding on where to eat. (We ended up going to Kyoto, full post coming up soon!)




When things like this happen, I think it's important to keep it in perspective. Sure, I got a ticket, but it was my own fault and I have to take responsibility for it. Moreover, I've learned a lesson so hopefully I won't get ticketed for the same reason again. Although we shouldn't just say "whatever," and move on, it's also not the end of the world. My point being is, whether it's getting a ticket or failing a test, an interview (I had one on Wednesday.... pretty sure I'm not getting the job), the most important thing is to LEARN from it and not to beat yourself up.

How do you react when your day is going well and then something like this happens?

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