May 22, 2016

Sunday Snapshots | Interactive Cooking Experience

The pastt Friday, my friend invited us over to his house to have an "interactive cooking experience", as he called it. Basically, we went over to his house and watched his mom cook for us and tried our best to help (while I took pictures). The food was delicious and it was a really fun to be able to learn how to make authentic Korean food! 


Japchae - Sweet Potato Noodles stir fried with noodles

Ddukbokki - gochujang, rice cakes, fish cakes, soft boiled eggs and scallions.

Jeon - Korean pancakes


I think for Asian families in general, sometimes we take for granted the authentic food that our parents make for us. Thinking back to when I was younger, I always wanted pizza, McDonald's, anything but boring, old Chinese food. But now, I'm always excited to eat something my mom makes since it's usually not something you could eat just anywhere.

What "traditional" foods do you make at home? 

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