May 29, 2016

Sunday Snapshots | Featuring My Mom

I recently came across a few pictures I took that I never posted so I decided to do this little post as it is also my mom's birthday today! What you see here are all the ingredients that our family uses to make sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. Keep scrolling to see each of them more closely!


The bamboo leaves were purchased in store and had to be soaked overnight in order to soften them up.

These are the salted duck egg yolks... we save the egg whites to make another type of Chinese dish.
Dried scallops that have been soaked overnight, rinsed and drained.
Dried mushrooms that have been soaked overnight, rinsed and drained.
Peanuts that have been soaked overnight.
Green beans (yes they are yellow on the inside) that have been soaked overnight, rinsed and drained.
Sweet glutinous white rice that has been soaked overnight, rinsed and drained.
Pork belly that has been marinated overnight with various Asian sauces.
Chestnuts! Best to soak these overnight as well.

The preparation part takes the longest, but the making and wrapping of the sticky rice takes a long time too. After waking up, my mom rinsed and drained everything then sat down for several hours making the sticky rice. Whenever she makes them though, she usually makes them in a huge batch (in and around 50, plus or minus 10) and gives them to family. 


I would try and help but I can never tie them correctly so they don't fall apart when we cook them. After wrapping all of them, we take big 12L pots, fill them with water, and cook the sticky rice for 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours. So after overnight soaking, the actual process of wrapping the stick rice up, we then have another 3 hours to cook them. It takes an entire day - worth it in my opinion as it's one of my favourite things to eat. We usually freeze bags of these things and defrost and boil them for another 15 minutes again when we want to eat them.


With all that being said, I also just want to thank my mom for everything. She doesn't read the blog but I've come to a better understanding of everything that she has sacrificed for us. Even then, she doesn't pressure me into pursuing a career just to make money if I have no passion for it. She continues to support my decisions and her hard working attitude has been passed on to me. Happy birthday!

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