April 17, 2016

Sunday Snapshots | Play

Yesterday was my cousin's birthday party and, naturally, it started out with everyone playing video games and staring at their phones. However as the day wore on, no one could deny the beautiful weather outside so we decided to go to the soccer field and playground! Here are just a few photos that I took.





This is my cousin (in her 20's) going down a slide. I still remember running/racing my friends to the playground at recess, or just when they were over at my house. The excitement, anticipation, and all the games we could play, it was all we looked forward to during the summer. I really do hope that children now are still going to playgrounds, but I know for sure that there are many who would rather spend their time on computers or other devices.


I guess I am a hypocrite too, as my life as transitioned to a very technology-based style. However, I do enjoy my time away from it as well. Although not the biggest fan of soccer, I threw around a frisbee and just enjoyed the fresh air, the sounds - nature. I think it's important to incorporate some sort of play into our lives that involves being outside and being active. Whether that be taking a walk around the neighborhood, or playing soccer. 

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