March 06, 2016

Week 9 | Busy, busy, busy

This week has been extremely hectic since I've hardly been home except to sleep; I worked on Monday and Wednesday, then had to stay at school for a late night rehearsal on Thursday. Most of the pictures I took this week were at school so I won't be sharing those for privacy reasons! Keeping with the happiness/gratefulness theme for the rest of the month...


65/365: I'm in love with making oatmeal because there are just SO MANY possibilities for toppings and mix-ins, I can have a different breakfast every day! Fine, I'll try to take less pictures of my food but sometimes I just can't help it.


66/365: A Hogwarts pin I got from Disney World several years ago. Harry Potter books were one of the first books I read (besides Twilight) and it continues to be one of my favourite series mainly because I became more intrigued with reading!


67/365: I woke up before 6 today because my brother was being obnoxiously loud in his room playing games, although I probably would have woken up around 6 anyway. At around 7:30 I noticed that it had gotten extremely foggy outside and decided to just take a short walk to the lake! This is my brother's car and I thought it looked pretty neat.

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