March 13, 2016

Week 10 | Treat Yourself

After several weeks of not having much school work to do, it all came crashing down on me this week. In a way, it feels as if I am standing here watching my impending doom build up, about to crash down. On Thursday, I felt so overwhelmed that I started crying, in the middle of my driving lesson. Thankfully, my driving instructor was kind enough to let me pull over and take a few moments to gather myself.

Leading up to that day, I actually had been feeling extremely good lately whilst still expecting the build up of homework and assignments, as is the norm for before week long breaks. Although I am still bitter, I just need to power through these 2 weeks and then it will be spring break! After Thursday, I have just taken time both to study, but also just to spend some more time with friends in order to try to calm myself down. It's sort of a paradox such that the amount of work I do is stressing me out, but spending time with friends - thereby shortening the time I can work on assignments or study, helps to wind myself down a bit. I tend to get extremely tense and freak out a lot.


72/365: The sky would have been completely dark a few months ago when I arrive at the LRT station, but now it's always so bright! Although, with daylight savings, I'm sure it will be another few weeks before this starts happening again. I really do enjoy waking up to the sun rising though!

I finally went to Woodrack Cafe after months of anticipation! They opened back in September but I kept waiting to go, I'm extremely glad I did. The staff that I talked to there was extremely kind and fun to talk to. Contrasting the professional exterior, the inside had a comfortable, rustic environment. I did think it would be a bit bigger as I noticed that they got quite busy and several people didn't have a place to sit! All in all, I will definitely be returning.

I got an Iced Americano and a banana loaf! The banana loaf was denser than I thought it would and a bit on the dry side, but the taste was different, in a good way!


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