October 20, 2014

Thoughts On... Raging Star by Moira Young

This series is one that immediately caught my attention through the unique dialect and style of writing. But having read the last book over a year ago, I had to read the spoiler filled summaries of both Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart beforehand.

Previously, if I remember correctly, the books were written from the first-person POV of Saba. However, a different anonymous first-person POV, as well as Emmi's POV was introduced in this book to add a further element of mystery.

The pace of Raging Star was a bit slow, lacking the action that was prevalent in the previous books. Because of this, the final instalment of the Dustlands series was not as captivating, and had I not been reading this on the way to school as a way of avoiding my habit of falling asleep, it would have taken me so much longer to finish. The book started becoming more captivating about halfway through though, I was in such a trance that I nearly missed my bus stop. Nearly.

However, I still really liked the ending. Quite a few surprising twists that were thrown at me, and not the kind of story that ends with a cute little bow on top. Albeit most books do come with traumatizing events along the way, I have to say that halfway through this book, I no longer anticipated the happy ending we get so often.

There were so many final lessons to be learned that were beautifully interwoven along with the plot and characters. Moira Young has written such a beautifully crafted story about a girl who is extremely stubborn, head strong and sometimes selfish in a selfless way. This story was full of contradictions, and a beautiful satire of wrongfully carrying out a common desire.

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