August 06, 2014

52 Lists: Words That Touch Your Soul {Week 1}

For some reason, I love making lists; as I was watching Friends, I was finding something to do and came across this idea of the 52 Lists Project. Every Wednesday, I will post the top ten things on my list, not all of them so it's not overwhelming. In no particular order:

1. Family

- I just spent about 4 days with my cousins and I really appreciate all the time I spend with them.

2. Friends

- My friends keep me anchored and in check with my morals and values, I'm just so grateful to have them around.

3. Love

- I feel like this one is on everyone's list but it's something I want to find in the future, whatever it is.

4. Autumn

- This is my favourite season, the colours, the wind, the smells, and the comfy clothes I get to wear. It also happens to start about 12 days after my birthday, on September 22nd. 

5. Confidence

- It's been an important concept to me for a while now, trying to become more confident with myself and who I am. Not only is it a word that touches my soul, but it's also one of my goals for this year.

6. Help

- One of my biggest goals in life is to leave a mark by helping others.  

7. Coffee

- This is pretty self explanatory, I love the smell and the taste of coffee.

8. Intelligence

- Not only is it a quality I look for in others, it's also a quality that I hope I will always have. 

9. Smile

- Try smiling at least once a day, it really helps. For some reason, just smiling makes me happier, even if I'm feeling down. It's weird.

10. Dusk

- One of my favourite times of the day, resulting in some of the most beautiful pictures. It's also the perfect time to go biking in the summer, not to hot or cold.

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