July 18, 2014

Road Trip: Glacier Skywalk and Columbia Icefields {Day 1}

Today, we woke up at 7AM and left the house around 8AM headed to the Columbia Icefields. On our way there, we stopped many times to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I absolutely love the mountains and I am so grateful that they are only a few hours drive away. When we arrived at the Columbia Icefield Centre, we got our tickets for the Icefield Excursion that took us up to the Columbia Icefields, and the Glacier Skywalk. Click here for a video of me completely flipping out because I'm scared of heights. We then returned to our hotel, which was in the same building as the Columbia Icefield Centre, and was a really cute room with a loft!

The Columbia Icefields are so beautiful!

The vehicle we took to the Columbia Icefields!

What you see extending from the left is the Glacier Skywalk!

The view was actually spectacular once I stopped panicking!

Another picture of the Columbia Icefields!

The Singapore-style noodles we had at the restaurant.

A few Pork Dumplings

Eggplants with Fried Tofu

My gigantic bowl of Apple Quinoa Salad, it was huge and I was not even close to finishing it.

Our room at the Glacier View Inn.

For once there were two separate beds for my brother and I!!

The view down from the loft


  1. I'm pretty sure i was shaking for 10 minutes, thankfully there wasn't a lot of people because we went a bit later. If you're going, definitely go a tiny bit later because there's less people :)

    It's a really nice hotel! :)

  2. I've also had the opportunity to walk on the Columbia Icefields - SO amazing! And I filled up a water bottle from a stream there and I don't think I have ever had water that tasted so good. The Glacier Skywalk would freak me out though!

  3. I think the next time I go, I want to just walk instead of taking the buses if that's possible! It was honestly such an amazing feeling... our guide told us not to drink the water though hehe.


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