November 09, 2013

New Generation: Connect, Contribute and Care

Recently, I've been really interested in just being able to find a way to get involved within my own community. While searching online for different volunteer opportunities, I stumbled across an organization called Next Gen. What they do is, "Act as a hub between the city and the younger generation of Edmonton." Here are just a few moments throughout the night, I got a bit caught up with talking to other people at the end so I didn't take any pictures after that. 

There were a lot of things said throughout the night, although most of those were pertaining to the different committees and such which you can find out more about here

I'm actually really glad I found out about this organization. After being able to hear more about the organization itself, I think it'll provide so many more opportunities for me to get involved in the community. Whether that may be through committees or volunteering for events, I haven't really decided yet just due to time constraints. 

The venue was held at Latitude 53 on Thursday November 7, and it was just a sort of volunteer orientation and appreciation night. Personally I thought that it was a really simple venue but I sort of liked it for just that reason. 

There was an exhibit called The Hundred Widows by Elizabeth (I forget her last name) that is sort of shown in this picture. There is a sort of net where earrings are hanging from, and the pictures on the walls are of the earrings. Each one had a story attached and it was just a really interesting thing to do when everyone else was busy talking to someone. 

Christine Causing on the left who is the NextGen Coordinator and Laura Henderson on the right who is the Committee Volunteer Engagement Cochair.

Brian Murray who is the Committee Cochair.

Doug McLean, a Committee Member
Councillor Oshry
Carlie Pochynok, a Cochair of Communications
Angela Saveraux, also Cochair of Communications.
Ryan Stark who organized Pecha Kusha Night
Karla Barron who also helped to organize PKN.
Tosha Turner who is the Cochair of Ignite.


  1. Another Book BlogMon Nov 25, 02:09:00 pm

    Ha! This was super weird. Laura's actually a friend of mine. Seeing her on here was so strange :D

    Good on you for getting into this. Hopefully you'll find time to do a bit of volunteering in 2014.

  2. Really?! Haha, what a small world. Thanks Rick! :)


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