September 03, 2013

Review: Peace, Love and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle


Peace, Love and Baby Ducks was an enjoyable read however there were a few things that I didn't like. I thought that all the characters were really realistic and written in a way that was believable! With that being said, I didn't like the main character, Carly, for the majority of the book. Although I have to say that she was a good representation of how, as humans, we can be selfish -- sometimes even thinking that you're being generous towards somebody. I liked her in the beginning because she was sort of rebelling against following all the trends, and she just wanted to be her own person. Then it just got too much and it just annoyed me as it did with other characters in the book.

The pacing of the book was good and I liked the way the romance was done. It was sort of a situation I could relate to and I think Lauren Myracle played around that situation and developed it in a really good way. For instance, when Carly sees Cole she gets that sort of  "Oh God, he's attractive" kind of feeling but it's not like she's all "I'M IN LOVE." I don't want to get into the specifics of Carly's relationship with any guy just because I don't want to spoil anything however I will say that all the relationships in this book are really genuine. This book showed flaws in relationships that are probably so common and I liked how they were eventually solved in the end.

I know this is probably one of the shortest review I have ever written but there honestly isn't much else to say. In summary, I thought it was a quick read (although it took me a while because I was busy on vacation), and was a really blunt and honest book.


  1. Never heard of this one! Though can I just say, I love your graphic for the cover and info? Love. Sorry this one wasn't a wow read for you, but at least the relationships struck you as real, and that's important.

  2. Thanks Eilidh, that means a lot to me! :)) Yes! Often times relationships seem too fake and it becomes a pain to read about.


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