August 08, 2013

Review: The Travel Auction by Mark Green

The Travel Auction by Mark Green

Publisher: Createspace
Published: February 25, 2013
Read: July 6 - July 27, 2013
Source: Sent for review by Mark Green
Challenge: Bingo Reading Challenge (Category: TBR) || 2013 TBR Pile
This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review.


I have to say that when I first received this book from the author, I was a bit wary about it. The synopsis was enough to make me want to read the book, but I actually put this one off for a while to read a few other books and only had the time to finally get around to it again! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from the romance, humour, and the adventure!

I've always loved books that take me to new places and I always had a thing for Europe, as I'm sure many people do. However, this book took me to a place where I have never been, literally or through books. South America in this book was described as such a beautiful place! I liked that Mark Green used the characters Jonny and Kate to describe it. I don't want to spoil too much but there is a reason as to why Jonny has to describe everywhere they go!

Speaking of Jonny and Kate, they were such different and snazzy characters. I loved the way that they were developed as individuals: Jonny became such a kindhearted and sincere person by the end of the book, completely unlike the asshole he was in the beginning. And Kate... she really just broke out of her shell and I found her humour to be disturbing but absolutely fun to read about! Their banters and bickers really enforced their relationship, which was developed really realistically.

There IS quite a bit of mature content in here that I'm not sure everyone wants to read about. Just wanted to put it out there for anyone who would!

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