August 01, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

This challenge is hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine! I'm posting these so my blog won't be dead while I'm on vacation! As you may or may not know, I actually have been on quite a reading break and therefore I don't have reviews lined up for the next month. Therefore, I leave you with this! :)

I should also mention that I found this through Kristilyn's blog.

DAY 1: Make 15 Book Related Confessions

I've done similar posts before but I guess I have new confessions as well!

1 - My copy of A Game of Thrones is DESTROYED. It took me 2 months to read it and in those two months it was stuffed into my bag everyday without actually being read.

2 - I smell books when I buy them

3 - I LOVE taking off the jackets of hardcover books and looking at the insides.

4 - After a year of having quite a few e-books on my phone I just CANNOT bring myself to read them.

5 - Sometimes I try to read with music in the background, but I get distracted way to easily.

6 - I really need to stop buying books considering that the rate I'm buying them at is faster than the rate at which I can actually read the books. (Whoops!)

7 - Honestly, I've said this in a few reviews, but if your book makes me cry like a baby then you've written a terrific book. Or maybe I'm just a really easy crier, maybe both!

8 - This is a weird one: I was taking a summer school French class and I kept reading everything in a French accent in my head.

9 - Sometimes I'm scared to put my ideas out especially since the internet is so mean nowadays. I'm not talking about REVIEWS, but opinions on controversial topics about certain series/books (TMI)

10 - God I really can't read classics without falling asleep. At least not the ones I've read so far anyways! Sorry classical readers!

11 - I ALWAYS have to make sure my hands are clean before I touch my book.

12 - Even though every book has romance, I only like the good romances that make sense and the feelings are actually there. Not just, "Oh mysterious guy, oh mysterious connected pasts. Love."

13 - Reading slumps suck. I hate picking a book and reading a few words and just not wanting to read it.

14 - I am seriously running out of things to say mainly because I can't think of anything. Books are fun to read and they're cool!

15 - I'll touch on the "controversial topic" that I mentioned in #9. So basically it's just about Cassandra Clare and I know people are probably going to butcher me for saying this but... I'm getting a really bad vibe from her writing all these series. That is the farthest I will go into that subject as people will verbally slaughter me if I say anymore and I still want to stay respectful.


  1. I am TERRIBLE for buying books faster than I can read them. BUT if the apocalypse were to come, I'd totally be prepared in the entertainment section.

  2. Wow, am I ever curious about what this Cassandra Clare thing is :D

    My strangest confession is that every time I read a book I absolutely LOVE, I close the book after finishing, then kiss the cover. Seriously. LOL.

  3. HAHA same here! It's the sales that always get me first. ;)

  4. Shhhh it shall stay under cover for now.

    NOW THAT is true love for a book HAHA


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