July 03, 2013

Harry Potter Redesigned Covers!!

Being a Harry Potter fan, I was inspired to do this by Aylee over at Recovering Potter Addict. There are certain redesigned covers don't like as much sometimes, but I honestly have to say that these new HP covers look really cool! They also seem to aim at a bigger audience as well as being more... modern, if you will.

If you're wondering, these new covers are done by Kaza Kibuishi! The covers on the left are UK covers published by Bloomsbury and the others are published by Scholastic.

Those are the only ones that are out so far, but I have to say that I love them all a lot better than the old covers! I can't wait to see the rest of the covers for one of my favourite series! :D


  1. Definitely more modern. And sooo pretty!! Nothing will ever replace the classics in my mind of course, but it's just nice seeing a new view, you know?

  2. I semi group up with the old covers, so I really like them as well! These new ones are freaking awesome though! :)

  3. I swear these are going to have a new cover every few years! It's crazy the number of redesigns these ones have gotten. I really like the new covers even though I have never been a huge fan of the series.


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