April 02, 2013

Review: Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Title Rot & Ruin
Author Jonathan Maberry
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Published September 14, 2010
Read March 14-20, 2013
Challenge 2013 Bingo Reading Challenge (Category: Everyone Has Read)

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Rot and Ruin was my first ever zombie book, and I actually had an awesome experience with it! I'm sure that other zombie books are probably different, but I was completely surprised by all the different aspects that this book was about.

First of all, I'll talk about the zombies. They're just what I --or many others-- would have expected: stinky, gross, falling apart. But what I liked about Rot and Ruin was that it reminded us that these, essentially, things, used to be people. And at the same time, it wasn't their choice to have become a zombie either, they were just infected. Although sometimes, we don't have a choice but to kill them because all they're thinking about is FLESH!!

The one part of this book that made me really want to read was definitely the relationships. After the apocalypse, Benny and his brother, Tom, began living in a town called Mountainside. Benny and Tom didn't get along well, and it was quite obvious that Tom kept many things from Benny. The want to watch their relationship finally repair itself was one of the main reasons I really liked this book.  However, there were some times where I felt that Benny was being quite petulant and it annoyed me just a bit.

Plot wise, the book was OK. I mean, a lot of it was predictable to me, but at the same time, things still held interest for me. That doesn't mean there still aren't any jaw-dropping moments, and yes -- I'll admit it -- tearing up. (JUST A BIT)

I think one of the most bewildering thing about this book was what I took away from it. Honestly, sometimes, I just read a book and feel like there was nothing learned at ALL. This may be weird, but I like coming out of a book feeling as if I've learned something new, or at least increased my vocabulary. This book taught me about the flaws and consequences of technology, power and about the value of life.


  1. I can't freaking wait to finally pick this one up! Watching all of your updates on GR while you read it was painful because I was super jealous. I have heard that Benny is a pretty annoying character but so many people rave about Tom so I can't wait to meet him. Fabulous review Leanne!!!

  2. I'm listening to Jonathan Maberry's adult series, Patient Zero. It's very good! I have the first two in this series on my shelf ... I LOVE the covers for them. So deliciously creepy!

  3. READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT. That sounded so pushy, but it was SO FREAKING GOOD. Benny WAS pretty annoying at first, but he grew on me later on, especially in the second book. I can't wait to see what you think about it! :) Thanks, Jenni!

  4. They are really creepy! I think the reason I refrained from reading it was PARTLY because of the covers.

  5. Yay! You've officially been zombified! :) Believe it or not, I haven't read this series yet. I have all three books. I plan to get to them very soon. You really need to try "The Forest of Hands & Teeth"series.

  6. You read so many zombie books but you haven't read this one?!?! GAH, I'll read "The Forest of Hands & Teeth" as soon as I can. Which might mean next year, LOL.


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