April 12, 2013

Discussion: Disqus?

If you've been here for a while and left comments before, you may have noticed that I use Disqus as a platform. When I first switched, I was just trying it out! Some people may not like the look of it, but in my opinion, it was quite similar to Blogger's platform.

Now, after 6 months of using Disqus, I've noticed a few things.

- When you first sign up and comment using Disqus, they send you "Disqus Digest" e-mails every day/week. They were quite annoying, but here's how you turn them off.

- With that being said, I like that Disqus informs you when someone replies to your comment. And also, it doesn't send an e-mail every time someone comments on the same post. ONLY when someone replies do they send you an e-mail.

- It has a really good spam filter! At first, I had BOTH Blogger and Disqus commenting notifications that went to my e-mail and I noticed that the spam never showed up on the Disqus platform, but they did on Blogger. HOWEVER...

- When I first installed Disqus, comments that were posted through phones wouldn't show up because I guess the mobile site didn't support the widgets. This is how I fixed that.

- You have to log in to something to comment, but to me, I didn't really mind. There are multiple ways to sign in as well: Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, Google Plus.

The process of installing Disqus was really easy as they provided all the instructions. And even the part where I had to do a bit of HTML to enable commenting from mobile phones, the site had the instructions laid out clearly. I really like Disqus and would recommend it to anyone who wants to use a commenting platform.

If you use Disqus on your blog, or have commented on a blog that uses Disqus, what do you think about it? Are there any other commenting platforms that you prefer? Or would you prefer the default commenting platforms?


  1. I use it and I love it. I used to get so many spam messages and now I don't get any.

  2. I really like it too! My blog is spam free, but I still see the spam that appears on my "Blogger" comments.

  3. I used to use Disqus, but I wanted to install CommentLuv, so I reverted back to the native Wordpress commenting thingy. If it weren't for CommentLuv though, I'd still be using Disqus - I loved that people were notified when I replied to them!

  4. TheScienceEnthusiast1130Thu Oct 17, 04:35:00 am

    Spam is delicious!

  5. The procedure of setting up Disqus was really simple as they offered all the guidelines. And even the aspect where I had to do a bit of HTML to allow leaving comments from cell cellular phones, the website had the guidelines set out clearly. I really like Disqus and would suggest it to anyone who wants to use a leaving comments system.

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