March 03, 2013

Sunday Update: There's Hope in Everyone.

Sunday Update is where I hook you up with last week's posts. ;)


New Books

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor


I have so many things to talk about today so let's dive right in! Jennifer Lawrence won the freaking Oscar for best actress, and then she fell. 

Did you notice anything different on the sidebar? I got new buttons thanks to an awesome tutorial by Code It Pretty. I'm still going to code a few more things but I'm learning a lot from her! I also re-coloured the blog a bit because of the new header. I'm not too sure about it, so I'll probably be tweaking it somewhat in the near future.

So this coming week, I'm going to be kind of busy. On Wednesday night, I'll be performing in a concert band at the Night of Music here in Edmonton. I'm kind of freaked out right now because I still haven't handed in my field trip form for the rehearsals (due last Wednesday because of our long weekend) and also because I can't find one piece of music. I had it, but when taking it out of a gigantic folder so I could take it home, I might have left one piece of music in there, or I just lost it...

And then on Thursday night, I'm helping out at the Open House at my school. I'm still not sure whether I'm coming home for dinner, or just staying there to eat.

Finally, the most important thing I have to say today. A while back on my Photography tab, I posted a picture of this t-shirt:

This was designed by a student at my school named Zahra Easa, and it says "There's hope in everyone!". She was diagnosed with a type of rare terminal cancer when she was only in grade 2. For the past few years, she has been battling cancer and she passed away last Saturday. She was a brave soul and taught so many people at our school about staying positive and always having hope. May you rest in peace, Zahra. 


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend, Leanne. Though, that's so great how positive she was and full of hope!

    Good luck with your performance this week!

  2. She was an amazing person!

    Thanks, Kristilyn! Let's just hope I can get my crap together first, what with the field trip form and lost music.

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend, Leanne. It's nice to see that she left behind such a positive and hopeful legacy and that she has such great friends who will make sure that she lives on in memory <3

  4. I think that was the best part, that she left something behind and gave everyone something to think about.


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