March 09, 2013

Sunday Update: Daylight Savings!

Sunday Update is where I link you up to the past week's posts and give you a sort of heads up for the following week.



I didn't get any new books mainly because I've been so busy the past week. I spent Wednesday night at the Night of Music and Thursday night helping out at open house. Also, I think it'll be a bit slow on the blog for the next few days as well, just because there's a bunch of high school crap going on, and also a lot of field trips.

Another thing I wanted to mention was a read-along for the series A Song of Ice and Fire. I've had my box set of the first for books for a couple months now, and I really want to crack it open so hopefully I'll be able to follow along!

By the way, daylight saving beings today so turn your clocks an hour ahead! I don't want when this post is going to go up but whatever! Happy reading everyone. :)


  1. I hope you can follow along on the Song of Ice and Fire readalong! I just bought the second book in the series, so hopefully I can keep going once I finish. :)

  2. The books are freaking huge though, so it'll be nice to sort of stagger them out.

  3. Holy smokes, sounds that you had a really busy week! I hope things slow down a bit and you can get back to reading, but it sounds like you are having fun at least. Thanks for the update!

    P.S. Love the new header :)

  4. I've read like one book this entire week. ): Ah well, I'm hoping to get back on my roll soon, I knew I was going to start falling behind, haha.

    Thanks, Jenni! I had to experiment with the colours before it looked nice, and then I had to change the colour scheme of my blog.

  5. I just have to say that I greatly dislike DST. :P But, as Jenni already mentioned, I also love your new header! It's so cute! :D

    Also, I'm psyched that you and Kristilyn both signed up for the Song of Ice and Fire readalong...I can't wait to have people to talk about the series with!!!! :D

    Have a great week, Leanne! :D

  6. I'm fine about DST, I've never really been bothered by it! Thanks, Ambur! :)

  7. I don't mind falling back...but I hate springing forward. I'm not a fan of losing an hour of sleep on the weekend. :P I'm like an angry grizzly bear in hibernation. haha You're welcome!


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