March 31, 2013

Late Night Confessions!

I remember doing this quite a while back, but I want to do it again. Some of this stuff is going to be weird and probably a borderline disgusting, and I'm just too lazy to make a vlog out of it! WHICH, by the way, I do have lined up and ready to be rendered and uploaded.

- At the moment, I'm going through so many feels that I feel like curling up into a ball and crying.

- Every time I finish a really good book, which sometimes has a sad ending (causing the confession above), I have to remind myself that it was JUST A BOOK.

- Reading so many books causes me to SOMETIMES confuse real life and books. I constantly have to remind myself, again, that it WAS JUST A BOOK.

- I discovered blogging through searching for giveaways, LOL

- I'm not sure if I just cry really easily or what, but a lot of books have caused a water dam to break

- When I rate a book 5 stars, it's usually because I bawled like a freaking baby

Non-bookish things:

- This one is embarrassing and probably TMI and disgusting, seriously: Sometimes I play piano so much that I actually sweat EVERYWHERE. And then I end up kind of peeing in my pants and not noticing because I'm already drenched in sweat.

- When I was 13 (last year), I shat my pants. That'll be in an upcoming vlog for all those who want to know...

- I'm 14 but when asked for my age, I have to catch myself before saying "12"

- I swear quite a bit, mostly out of anger/fear, but still...

There's more but I'll leave that for another day ;)


  1. Late to this post, but I'm literally LOLing at the peeing your pants one.

    I forget my age all the time. This only gets worse as you age :)

  2. Every time, and I NEVER notice.

    LOL, I like to think that I will never age ;)


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