February 24, 2013

Sunday Update: Vlogs?

Sunday Update is where I link you up to last week's posts and also include a short message from me.


It is currently 12:40AM on Sunday and I completely forgot to type up this post. I've been putting.. everything..off because I wanted to study my history. Well, more like I HAD to.

I didn't get anything new this week because I really wanted to get around to my TBR pile. That's not going to go out too well because I promised my friend that I'd get started on the Percy Jackson series soon. Since I do have a short school week this week, I'm planning to get started this weekend.

Another thing I wanted to do was start doing vlogs, or just maybe some sort of video type thing. I could do discussions, or just personal things, maybe even review books through a video. It was just something I had in mind, but I'm not too sure if I want to set foot in that direction. What are your thoughts on it?

Happy reading!!


  1. Yay for the Percy Jackson series! That's one I need to reread from the beginning. I think I read up to the third book, but have the whole series -- I just can't remember what happened!

    I like vlogs ... I wish I had more time to put one together, but other than doing a book haul vlog, I'm usually stumped on what to include in one. But I fully support the idea! :)

    Have a good week, Leanne!

  2. It seems like a really good series! I don't think I've read a lot on the topic of Greek gods so I'm really looking forward to it!

    I think I'll be okay talking in front of a camera. Considering how weird I am, I doubt my parents would look twice if they walked pass my room.

  3. Okay, so I'm late on this... but the answer is YES! I love vlogs. I love seeing people's personalities come out as it's sometimes hard just through writing. The only hard part is overcoming the awkwardness of talking to yourself on camera...

  4. I've already filmed my first one and I am NOT editing it at all because I don't want to watch it. I just know that I say "ummmmmm...." a LOT. I'll have to render it (which takes 2 hours) and then upload it (which takes another 2 hours)


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