February 03, 2013

Sunday Update: STRESSED

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Sunday Update is where I inform you of upcoming events, or just what my life has been like, and also link up posts from the past week.


  • Fugitives by Alexander Smith


Guys and gals, I'm freaking out. As I'm typing this, I have just finished the entrance exam to Old Scona about 4 hours ago, and guess when I get to know whether or not I made it? April, FREAKING APRIL. That's 2 months away. See you in my corner where I'll be curled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth.

Anyways, a lot has been going on, or will be going on, in my life besides the exam. I had to be the MC for an assembly and talked to myself for half an hour because I sounded too sarcastic. Also, in March, I'll be playing at the Night of Music in Edmonton. In April, I will be going to British Columbia for the BAND Kiwanis Festival, followed by my PIANO Kiwanis Festival in May. Afterwards, I have finals in June, summer school in July, and a piano exam in August. Can you kind of see why I'm stressed now?!

Oh yea, I got my immunizations and boosters on Thursday and my arms are still sore. Yes, ARMS. I had to get 3 needles, all of which actually hurt quite a bit. ):

Contrary to all that stress, SCARLET IS FREAKING COMING OUT IN TWO DAYS!! I'm so excited!! :) Although my TBR pile is growing, whoops. I've been reading a lot of library books for the past month, so it's good that I'm saving money.

Also, I'll be posting a photography wrap up and stuff as soon as I have time to make a post. Although, I kind of failed at it...

Happy reading, I hope everyone is more relaxed than me! :)


  1. Andrea @The Bookish BabeSun Feb 03, 12:44:00 am

    My goodness, Leanne! You certainly are a busy girl. I hope you make it through w/your sanity intact. :-)

    I hope you get a chance to read a few good books!

  2. This year has been soo busy... I know better than to think it won't be getting more busy in the next few years.

    Thanks, Andrea!

  3. I'm not surprised you're stressed! I'm stressed for you just reading this! LOL. Sounds like you'll be so busy between now and April that the time will fly by before you know it! Why do you have to take summer school?

  4. I know! There's just so much to do this year, it's KIND OF fun. Okay so summer school...

    If I get into Old Scona, I have to take French because it's mandatory that we take it during the year and I have years of catch up to do. I'll also be taking Phys. Ed, since Old Scona is an academic school, and I want to focus on that. Also, they don't even have a gym and no one takes Phys. Ed during the school year.

    If I DON'T get into Old Scona, I'll be going to M.E. Lazerte and will take CALM (Career and Life Management) and Phys. Ed, mainly to get them over with. It'll just leave more room for any options I want to take as well. :)

  5. Wow -- congratulations! You have so many amazing things coming up! I'll keep my fingers crossed that April comes soon. :)


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