February 17, 2013

Sunday Update: Long Weekend!!

Sunday Update is where I link up posts from the past week, new books I got, and also a little message from me. 


  • Just One Day by Gayle Forman


What a week! I had two field trips and I still have quite a bit of catch up to do. Thursday was Valentine's Day, but all my friends were on a field trip so it kind of sucked. Also, on that same day, we had a fitness training class which I'm still sore from. Anyways, it's been an eventful week, but it's also been a really great week for me. I can't tell you why, it just has. :)

I haven't read a lot the past week, but I did end up finishing Execution -- LOVED IT -- and the review will be up this week. Since I have a long weekend (Family Day), I'll try to read a bit more. Although I have to study a bit of history for piano, otherwise I'm not going to be able to register for the exam. After Family Day, I've got 2 days of Health Days at school, so I have a lot of time to read because no homework will be assigned.

Happy reading everyone!


  1. I know! I'm planning on scheduling a few more posts on the blog, but the rest of the day, I'll probably be reading! And watching Suits. I just saw it at my school library, and since I called dibs, I checked it out! I need to stop borrowing/buying books for now and finish the ones in my pile. I just look over and they are RIGHT THERE, waiting to be read. Thanks, Kelsey! You have a nice day too. :)

  2. I'm so glad tomorrow is Family Day! Everyone needs that one day of a break sometimes. I was debating on getting Just One Day when I was at the bookstore the other day, but some other bargain books caught my eye first. I hope you enjoy it and relax tomorrow!

  3. I love long weekends! And yay for Just One Day! I need to get on reading that one soon! Good luck with your studying -- I never took any Music History exams with the RCM, though I did take classes in university. They sure are interesting!

  4. Oh my god, I finished it a couple hours ago. It was freaking AMAZING! I do everything with RCM, I'm not sure if I'm going to decide and finish everything though, it's a lot of stress.


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