February 28, 2013

Review: Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Series Just One Day
Publisher Dutton
Published January 8, 2013
Read Feb. 19-21, 2013
Source School Library
Challenge 2013 Bingo Reading Challenge (Category: 2013 Release)

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Excuse me for my use of profanities, but holy shit. This is how I feel:

Thanks Jenni, for posting this on Facebook!
I am still under a myriad of emotions after finishing this book. There was just an onslaught of emotions as I read, and I can't possibly find the correct words to tell you how great this book was.

I loved being able to see Europe, not the landmarks, but just those little crooks and crannies that are hidden away. Those places that really brought out the culture and reality of the cities we got to visit. All of it made me want to visit Europe all the more, and try out one of those macarons for myself.

I really liked that the romance was more of an insta-crush, rather than insta-love, but it quickly developed to be more. I don't think love at first sight is real, but I do know that feeling you get when you first see someone and think they're attractive. And sometimes, it just stays that way, you just think they're attractive.

In that one day that Allyson spent with Willem, she learned a lot more than she probably had in her whole life. Even though she never met him before, and didn't even know his last name, she took his offer of being her Paris tour guide. Although I think if her best friend, Melanie, hadn't told her to "live a little", the whole entire thing wouldn't have happened. I felt Allyson's growing love, her happiness of being with him, her jealousy. But most of all, I felt her heartbreak and panic. The emotions are described so clearly, or just indirectly implied that I felt as if I were part of the story.

Other than romance, it's also a story involving making friends. I felt so bad for Allyson because she was just afraid to open herself up to others after what happened. It was definitely quite a turn in the story and it brought out a completely different side of Allyson.

In most YA books, parents are usually just dead or mentioned but not actually part of the story. But in this book, Allyson has a extremely involved mother who pretty much planned her daughter's life out for her. They have their problems with each other, but they managed to work it out with a talk. Obviously that one talk didn't fix everything, but it was the began their "new" relationship with each other.

Just One Day is about romance, but there was a duration of time that we saw Allyson in her depression, and it had a completely different mood. It reminds us of how so many things can happen in a short period of time, and how it can change us for the rest of our lives unless we do something about it.


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading this one. Gayle Forman is a genius and I know she's going to touch ALL of my heartstrings. :)

  2. It is SO amazing, I felt like... everything throughout the book. I hope you enjoy it, Kristilyn! :)

  3. Really like reading your thoughts on this one. =) I want to re-read it, but probably not until closer to the Just One Year release, because that ending is just KILLER!!

  4. I can't decide whether it was a cliffhanger, or if it's just an ending to get reader's thinking!!


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