February 09, 2013

Photography: January Wrap-Up and February Goals

So, it's February and I officially failed my January Photo Challenge. Surprise, surprise! I did get a few pictures though, but didn't exactly fulfill what I wanted. Anyways, enjoy! :)

New Years Fireworks! 

My room...

Drawing of a heart

New mittens! :)

Uuh... part of my house.

A beautiful sunset that painted my washroom in orange.

One of my favourite books.

Homemade Pho, so yummy.

Februrary Goals

Here's to hoping I can do this! 


  1. Nice shot of the fireworks! And that pho looks yummy!

    I'm not sure why my feb photo-a-day is different. Maybe it is from last year?

  2. Thanks, Megan! I actually just searched "February Photo Challenge" and got that. Haha.


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