November 18, 2012

Sunday Update: Tests...

It's been test after test this week, so I haven't read much. But here's the list anyways...



Yup, that's pretty much it! I have final unit exam tomorrow, and I have to do some homework for piano theory. Anyways, I'm wondering if I should start a new format for these Sunday Updates. Maybe a day by day kind of thing, where I talk about my life just to make this blog a bit more personal. Just a though, let me know what you think!

By the way, after reading Scorch and putting my review up, I tagged the other (like I usually do) in my tweet and asked what the name of the third book was. It's ROGUE. Here's her post about it!

Have an awesome week!


  1. Good luck whit the rest of your tests! Google won't let me follow your RSS at the moment, so I'll stalk you back on twitter,it's always nice to meet other Canadian bloggers!

  2. Thanks, Kelsey! I know.. Google RSS won't let me follow anyone at the moment, ):

  3. I got it to work, copied your home page and added it right in the reader instead of the link from the blog :)


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