November 28, 2012

Review: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Author: Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Format: Paperback
Pages: 383
Publisher: Speak
Published: April 5, 2011**PB Version
Source: School Library


My friend kept on insisting that I read a Sarah Dessen book and I finally picked one of her books up. Along for the Ride was the first book of hers that I've read and I absolutely loved it! I'll have to read a few more books before she has a secure place in my list of "favourite authors".

It starts out with Auden, a girl who is all about academics and getting good grades. And all of a sudden, she makes the bold choice to spend the summer with her dad at  a beach. Throughout the summer, her life is irrevocably changed. She finally has a social life and is trying new things. Though the one thing that hasn't changed is her inability to sleep at night, and that's when the most interesting things start to happen.

The book started off at a good steady pace, it didn't drag but it didn't rush me either. Even from the beginning, I could kind of relate to Auden. I tried to achieve the best marks, didn't go out much, and even when asked to go out, I usually deny it. You could say I'm a homebody, but I don't want to spend time with just anybody, they'd have to be like my best friend. (Or book bloggers now...) I could relate to her in that sense, but her family situation was something that I couldn't relate to. Her parents were divorced and her brother was off in Europe. Her family was just all over the place!

I didn't like her dad much from the start, but I could see why Auden struggled with how she felt about him. I mean, he was her dad after all, but he was also selfish and self conceited. And her mom was just always a cold hard shell. I enjoyed watching Auden as she came to terms with herself and also as she tried to fix up her relationship between herself and her family.

Sarah Dessen did a great job at building up the relationships. Not once did I feel as if I had to question why she may have hated someone, or liked someone. She may not have directly stated things, but I think it's those indirect statements that are made that really have an impact.

I loved the metaphors that were used in here, primarily referring back to biking. The bike symbols a lot, and as I read the book, I absolutely loved and understood what it symbolized. I shouldn't be analyzing books, but I actually love hunting for "Easter eggs".

All in all, this is a great first book for me to read that was by Sarah Dessen. I'm eager to read some of her other books. This was a very good contemporary novel about second chances, or really just not giving up.


  1. I recently jumped on the Dessen bus too and this was my first of her books. So good right?! I'd love you to add this any any other post you're proud of to my What We Wore Read and Made Link party :)

  2. Andrea @The Bookish BabeWed Nov 28, 01:12:00 pm

    I love this book so much. Sarah Dessen has a way of wrenching my heart. The Truth About Forever is another great one. Nice review!

  3. They're great!! Sure, I'll go check it out. Thanks! :D

  4. Okay, I got This Lullaby and The Truth About Forever to read now. I will eventually read all her books. but those two will be the next two I read since people suggested them!

  5. I've always wanted to read something by Sarah Dessen - I've heard nothing but good things about her books! Great review, Leanne :) I will definitely need to read something of hers soon - it's just hard to decide which one!

  6. I know! She has so many books! I just happened to pick this one because I my school librarian was like :"READ THIS!"

  7. Yes! This was such a good book! It was my first Sarah Dessen, too, and now I've read 3 of her books ... I can't wait to read more! I hope you can, too!

  8. I'm going to borrow two of her books tomorrow, just because I absolutely NEED to!

  9. I loved Along for the Ride! :D It's one of my favourite Sarah Dessen books! Although, I did like The Truth About Forever, Lock & Key, and Just Listen even more...but it's definitely one of the ones I liked best! I pretty much have loved the majority of her books though, but this one was fantastic! :D

    I'm glad that you're eager to read more of her books, she tells some amazing stories! :D

  10. WOW, THIRD PERSON TO RECOMMEND THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. It must be good! I just picked up This Lullaby from my school library, so I'll see when the ones you mentioned are available.

  11. If I had to pick just one, The Truth About Forever would be my absolute fav of hers. :D Hopefully they are, they're fabulous! I didn't mind This Lullaby, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed some of her other ones. It is still good though. :)


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