September 02, 2012

[Sunday Update] The Rise of Nine and... school.

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After a bit of thinking.. I decided to just go on to reading The Rise of Nine instead of reading the two books again.

1.) It'll take too long
2.) I remember what happened anyways. I've already read it a couple times
3.) I'll probably read it again when I have no other books to read, THEN I'll write a review. For now though, I'll just be reading The Rise of Nine.
4.) I'm way too excited to NOT just start reading it.

Also!! I haven't gotten much reading done this weekend because I am trying to catch up with Doctor Who! Season 7 Premiere was yesterday, and I'm still on Season 5, so I've got a bit more to go.

School starts this week.. which means it'll be quite hectic. I'm so sad that it's my last year in junior high!! This sucks. I'll try to get as much reviews as I can this year, since I actually have quite a few piano exams along with school as well. Busy busy me. Haha, Have a great week!


  1. Yay for school! :)

    I have certain series books that I NEED to reread before reading the newest ones, and then there are others where I remember everything that happened anyway, so I can just dig into the next book immediately. It's funny how the brain works!

    1. Haha, I'm excited to see all my friends.. but the homework.

      Yes!! After reading books a several times, I can remember what happens anyways. But sometimes, I'll go online as a shortcut just so I can cut through and get straight to the actual book.


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