September 24, 2012

Review: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Format: Paperback
Pages: 470
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: March 2, 2010
Source: School Library

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I'm in love with Lauren Oliver, especially after reading this! It's absolutely crazy. Sam is popular and has basically everything. But then she wakes up on the SAME DAY of the day that she thought she had died in a car accident. She tries again and again to not have to go through the same day over again, tries to avoid her death. She just ends up waking up on the same day, again.

At the beginning of the book, honestly, I didn't like Sam. She was that popular girl who looked down at everyone who wasn't at the top of the social ladder. To say the least, she was a major bitch. Sam and her friends were the popular ones and they made fun others, tormented others. You could tell that Sam didn't have the best of relationships with her parents or her sister.

As I read the book, I enjoyed just watching her turn into a different person. Watching as she finally realized her mistakes and tried to correct them each time she woke up again, on the same day. It really shows how sometimes, we just take a lot of things for granted. How one day you can suddenly lose everything you had. By the end, she's a completely different person who is much more lovable and a better person at the core.

The only problem was that it was a bit slow at the beginning, but it played out nicely. This book was cool because each time she woke up, you'd think that things would be the same, but each time, the outcome was different.

Before I Fall was a beautifully written book that made me appreciate life a lot more. I'd like to say "Live everyday like it could be your last. Take chances.", though that doesn't give you the right to be downright mean and rude. Just treasure everything and every moment.

What would you do if you knew that today was your last day?

Favourite Quote

"The sun has just risen, weak and watery-looking, like it had just spilled itself over the horizon and is too lazy to clean itself up."


  1. Great review, Leanne! I have this one on my shelf and need to read it soon. I've read a few books by Lauren Oliver and loved them all -- I'm sure it'll be the same with this one.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Kristilyn! I hope you enjoy this one :D

  2. I read this one as a read-a-long with my friend, Zoe, and I absolutely loved it! :D It was my first Lauren Oliver book, so I was definitely impressed! :D I agree that Sam was a totally bag at the beginning of the book, and I was so glad to see her shift into a kinder person, one that it sounded like she used to be before she started hanging out with her current friends.

    I'm not sure what I'd do if today was my last day. It actually really makes you think. Would you want to stand out, or continue to just live life the way you do? I think the biggest thing I'd do would be to make sure all of the people I loved knew how much I loved them. :)

    Great review, Leanne, and I'm glad you loved this one, too. :)

    1. Exactly! I didn't exactly think her friends were the best, they were sort of dragging her down to a place where she shouldn't be. It's nice to see her become a entirely different person that was more of someone that I'd actually want to hang out with.

      Haha, I'd go around all day telling people "I LOVE YOU, YOU KNOW THAT? I REALLY DO." Haha, but honestly, I wouldn't know what to do. Maybe try to mash everything I've wanted to do into that last day?

      Thanks, Ambur!!

    2. Yup, pretty much! Especially her best friend...she was the worst. :S I'm also not a fan of friends that call each other bitches and such as forms of endearment...they aren't. They're totally mean things to call people you don't like, and even worse things to call your friends. :P

      haha I wouldn't know what to do either! I'd be running around in circles trying to get it all done. :P

      You're welcome. :)

    3. Ugh, Lindsey just isn't the kind of person I'd like to be around. I get that maybe they were joking around with calling each other that, but I find it rude. Personally, I call my friends by their names.. some of them call me Lauren because of a teacher who always forgot my name.

      It's hard to know when your life will just end, it can happen any second. I always find it hard to think about LIFE IN GENERAL, it makes me feel all weird. Sometimes, I think that my life might just be a book.......


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