September 05, 2012

A New School Year!

As many people who aren't living under a rock probably know, school has just started today in many places. Some may have even started a week ago, nonetheless, it's a fresh new year! I basically go through 3 New Years every year! January 1st, Chinese New Year, and a New School Year. I think the one that counts as my OWN New Year's would be the start of each school year. So I guess you could say these are my "New Year's Resolutions."

These aren't exactly book related, but I needed to put them somewhere, so later on in the year, I can use them against myself. LOL

  1. Try my best in school this year. I obviously say this every school year, but being in grade 9 this year, to me, it's very important that I do well. Otherwise, the bad marks would probably catch up with me sooner or later. And I'm talking like, 80's, OH YEA, those are bad. I'm half joking, but aside from that, I seriously want to do everything I can, and study as hard as I can to get the best marks.
  2. My teacher recommended challenging ourselves with different genres and types of books, so that's what I'll try to do. I already asked my fellow Edmonton Book Bloggers, and thanks to them, I've got a few books on my list. Most of them are just classics, but I think it's a pretty good place to start. I haven't been the luckiest person with classics, but i hope I'll enjoy the ones that Ambur recommended.
  3. Spend less time on the computer and more time either doing physical activities, taking pictures, reading, doing homework, cooking, whatever. I'll spend time on the computer when I have to write a review, to comment more on a few other blogs, watch Doctor Who.. or maybe just go on Twitter. Hehe...
  4. Use the library more often, for books that I'm not sure I'll even like. I have a school library and I'm like the librarian's helper, so I get dibs on a lot of books. It's an easy way to get my hands on some pretty books.
  5. Eat healthier. Definitely. Last year, I don't know if it was just puberty or what, EVERY SINGLE TIME I came home from school, I was hungry. I basically shoved everything down my throat. So now, even if I'm hungry, I'll make something HEALTHY to eat, instead of eating cookies and chips.
  6. Be more organized. I always feel like I'm not organized enough. Is that just the OCD starting to kick in? 
Okay, so that's all I've got for now. So anytime that you may see me on Twitter for like.. 4 hours straight, just show me this post alright? Anyways, I actually want to live by these "resolutions/goals." This year feels so different to me, as if I'm not really living in the real world and I'm sort of just floating around. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO EXPLAIN IT, it's just such an odd feeling. Anyways, I'm off to bed as it is now 10:41 of September 4, so as you may as well have guessed, this post was last minute and scheduled to be put up today.


  1. Great goals!!

    I like your idea of using the public library more often. I find that I buy SO MANY books and end up liking, like, a third of them -- IF that. It makes so much more sense to get these books from the library and if I like them, buy them for my collection. MAKES SENSE!

    I could probably join you in your eating healthy bit. :) I'm far from my growing years, but everything just looks sooo tempting!

    Good luck with branching out in your reads! I found it hard as a teenager to read the adult books -- maybe because they were deemed as literary, and therefore, were more boring. You might like Jeffrey Eugenides or Yann Martel -- I remember liking those when I was younger!

    1. I'm always just paranoid that someone did something to the book, which I'm pretty sure no one will, but I'm always paranoid about it.

      Haha, I KNOW. Some many things that look and taste so deliciously good is so unhealthy for your body. It sucks!

      Yea, I don't think I can stick to one genre for ever. It's not like I'm getting TIRED of it or anything, I just want to try more genres and see which ones I like. Maybe even a bit of historical fiction?

  2. Ahhhh, can I just say how glad I am that I'm all done with school! Lol. I do miss the social aspects of it, but not the work parts! Good for you for keeping up with your blogging and reading and SCHOOL WORK! And don't worry, we'll still be here if school work gets in the way :)

    I never use the library so I can't say much there - but I do peruse used bookstores/thrift stores A LOT. I buy almost all my books (new and used), but like Kristilyn said, it sucks to shell out that money, especially when you only end up liking about half of them or so. I just have a hard time shelling out money for a book AFTER I've already read it. Doesn't make sense to me in the moment, since I could be spending that money on a new book I haven't read. *Sigh*

    Good luck with getting back into school mode and all your goals! Oh, I will keep racking my brain for adult books I think you should read! (That's aren't classics lol).

    1. This may sound super duper weird, but I can't wait for University. Even though I have only a vague idea of what I want to take, I still can't wait! Thanks for sticking with me!! :D

      Books are so complicated. I mean, if it's a series, then maybe I'd invest my money into it. But if it's a standalone, and I've already read it, do I buy it? If I buy it, when will I actually read it again?! I'm such an indecisive person, HAHA.

      Thank you so much, Brie!! (:

    2. I know! For me, it's much harder to justify buying a book I've already read - unless I find it at a used book store, then that's ok because it's usually pretty cheap. For me, I like to OWN my books, and I love having my books displayed on my bookshelves. While it is unlikely that I will ever re-read any of them (I mean I'd LOVE to, but there just isn't time!), I still like to own them. BUT, you're a lot younger so I can understand that buying books gets expensive! I wasn't a big reader when I was your age, but I would not have wanted to spend the little spending money that I had on books.

      My husband likes to make fun of me sometimes and calls my books my "trophies" lol - each book is like a trophy for having read it. He's clearly NOT a reader ;)

    3. I just love owning them, because that way, I'll know that nothing wrong was ever done to it. AND, I love seeing all the beautiful colours on my shelf.. just saying! I might just re-read books when I have nothing else to read, because lots of the books I read aren't even typed into a review, so that's going to be a plan.

      Haha!! It's sad when there's so many great books, but some people just can't find THE ONE for them to get into reading. Does he just not have time or he just doesn't read?


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