July 10, 2012

[Tuesday To-Read] Issue 8

Tuesday To-Read is a list of books that I want to complete by the end of the year. Each week, I will add a book that has already been published. To see previous Tuesday To-Reads, just search the labels on the right side of my blog for "Tuesday to read". So on with it...

The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa

I'm sure everyone already knows about it, so if not go here. And now, there's a sequel to the whole series, right HERE. Man I am so confused right now. Do all these have to be read together ? I'm asking because I can't get my hands on the e-novellas from my library.. although I heard it's going into print soon.. but I don't have anymore room for a whole other series. And I also doubt my mom would be happy about me stacking up books.. Sorry about the NO GRAPHICS, but as you can see, I'm confused as to what is actually IN the Iron Fey series. However, I will just begin with The Iron Knight, because I'm sure it's the first one.

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