July 08, 2012

[Sunday Update] Issue 9

Sunday Updates are for my readers to know what has been going on in the past week,  such as posts, books I received etc. It's very much like "In My Mailbox" that other blogs do. I also give a bit of news at the end, of what will happen that week, or just lame excuses of why I've been inactive (when I'm really just playing Sims :D) Okay, on with the update.


Currently Reading

  • Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith

New Books

  • Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith (borrowed from library)
  • Room by Emma Donoghue (bought)


All I can say is... look forward to many more reviews this summer. I'm not a speedy reader, because I like to stop and take notes sometimes. However, don't fret, there will be a LOT of reviews and all sorts of things popping up this summer. Also, look forward for a review of Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith THIS WEEK.

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