July 29, 2012

[Sunday Update] Issue 12

Proceed down to the normal standard stuff below, and enjoy the pictures while you're at it.

Very heavy fog on the highway to Calgary.

We could hardly see the road in front of us.

Starting to clear up !

I went to sleep for an hour, and BADABOOM, we're in Calgary !!

Bad weather approaching ):

Good v.s. Evil

My first shot of lightning !! :D


Clouds in the mountains.

Lake Louise

Bow Falls


Banff Street


After Banff, we went back to Calgary to eat and shop. This is on our way home.


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Funny thing about how I got Night Road and Bright Young Things. I was at an Indigo in Calgary, and picking up some books. Next thing I knew, both my uncle and my other aunt were RIGHT beside me. I knew they were going to try and pay for it, so I quickly asked my cousin where the cashiers were. I was about to head there when all of a sudden my aunt just grabs my books out of my hands and heads off to pay. She keeps doing that ): She even got me a stuffed Eeyore which is SO CUTE.


    I said I was going to do a vlog today, but my voice has gone weird from screaming. I went to Capital Ex on Saturday with my friends, also known as the Edmonton Fair. So obviously I was screaming. Also, SIMPLE PLAN CAME TO PLAY ON THE TELUS STAGE. If you don't know already, I've been a fan for years, and I was screaming so much and singing along.


    1. Lovely pictures! I especially like the "evil sky" ones ... and those last ones of the sunset with the orange lining the clouds. And Lake Louise! It's so pretty this time of year. :)

      Night Road is an awesome book! I loooooved it! I'm a big fan of Kristin Hannah to begin with, but I think this was one of her best.

      Too bad you couldn't do a vlog today! i just had no time to put anything together! Hopefully next weekend. :)

      Enjoy your reading!

      1. Thanks !! I love Lake Louise, I go there every time we go to Calgary.

        Night Road is my first Kristin Hannah book and I've seen such great review about it too !! (:

        Can't wait to hang out with you next week !

    2. Oooh, very nice pictures! :D I love how much there is to see just on the drive from Edmonton to Calgary and Banff. :) There's so much variety! :D

      I didn't get to go to Capital Ex (er...K-Days now, still Klondike Days to me, just saying :P), but I'm glad that you had fun! I'm super jealous you got to see Simple Plan! I was going to go that night just to see them, but I didn't want to go by myself, so I missed it! Thankfully I saw them in February, so at least I got to see them then. :) They always put on an amazing show though, and I'm glad that you got to go, Leanne! :D

      Thanks for sharing this all with us. :)

      1. I actually took 400 pictures, deleted about half of them because they were blurry. The scenes are just so beautiful I couldn't resist taking more pictures.

        I've never gotten used to calling it Capital Ex.. it's always been K-Days or Klondike Days for me. I think Simple Plan is coming again next year, if they are, I'm definitely going ! They are the coolest band ever !! :D

      2. Wow! That's a lot of pictures! Yeah, I always take pictures when I go on long drives with my parents. We drove to Langley, BC a couple of years ago so I had plenty of blurry pictures from driving, but there were some gorgeous ones. :) I can't blame you, they're beautiful. :)

        Me neither. I always called KDays or Klondike Days too. :) Yay! I hope they are! I'll definitely have to make sure I'm going them. :D Agreed! They're amazing. :D


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