July 25, 2012

[Review] Room by Emma Donoghue

Room by Emma Donoghue

Paperback: 415 Pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: 2012
Source: Costco


I really loved the plot of the book. It's about a 19 year old girl who was kidnapped, and had spent seven years of her life in an 11 by 11 foot space. She has a stillbirth, and later on a baby. Obviously she's been trying to escape for years, but the baby reinforced her hope of getting the hell out of there. She just knew that her child couldn't spend the rest of his days in there.

However, this book is told from a 5 year old's perspective, Jack. He obviously doesn't talk or think like adults, so his sentences can be really confusing at times. When he was talking about breastfeeding, he would always just say "have some", so for the first quarter of the book, I was just completely confused.. have WHAT ? 

I felt really bad for Jack because he had spent his first five years imprisoned in this room, but he thought of it as a home. He had no idea that there was a whole world outside of that room, he didn't know that some of the things on TV were actually real. Until Ma told him, and even when she did, he struggled so hard with the idea that Room wasn't the world. 

Overall, I loved this book a lot and recommend it to others who enjoy fiction. It shows the strong relationship that Jack and Ma had developed in those five years, and their strong love that refuses to let them be separated. Room was suspenseful and thrilling, making up for a really great read. Things like this really do happen in the real world, but I imagine some are even worse. 

"Alice in Wonderland, for crying out loud."




  1. I loved this book, too. I also found it a bit confusing and almost annoying at first, to read a book written from the point of view of a 5 year old. I was like "5 year old's DO NOT talk like this." Then I spent the weekend with my 5 year old nephew and realized "ya, they do talk like this" lol. Reading it is just different than hearing it I guess.

    I never thought I'd like suspenseful or thrilling books, but I'm realizing that I do.

    1. I was thrown off when I started reading, but it turned out to be a great book. I think this is actually one of my first suspenseful books. I really enjoyed it too !!


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