July 09, 2012

[Review] Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith

Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith

Paperback: 225 Pages

Publisher: Square Fish

Published (PB): July 15, 2011

Source: Public Library
Series: Escape From Furnace #2


Solitary picks up right where Lockdown left off, going down the river. However, only Alex, Zee, and Gary make it out alive. They eventually think they've made it to the surface, but Alex knows they haven't, because they were still so far underground. All they really did was make their way back to Furnace, and their punishment: a month in Solitary.

Remember how in Lockdown, Donovan was talking about only being in Solitary for a few days, and how he almost died in there ? Well, no Alex and Zee were in there for a month, while Gary was carried off into the Infirmary.

Solitary in a way was similar to Lockdown, because they obviously were still trying to find a way to escape. This time, however, I didn't feel the way I did in Lockdown when they were trying to find a way out. I felt like Alex, quite hopeless. That's what being in a hole does to you, I guess. He may have came up with ideas, but I could feel that he really didn't believe in them. It seems as if something is ALWAYS in the way between Furnace and Earth.

I liked how even though most of the book took place in the hell hole, it wasn't boring at all. Every time I felt the book slowing down a bit, something new would be dropped in. A new way to communicate, the rats opening the hatch, the slop, all those things.

Alexander Gordon Smith is a great author, as he produces clear, vivid images that don't leave my mind. I stayed up to 3AM just to read this book, and like Alex, I felt insanity creeping on so I had to stop. My imagination was going wild during the night. If you haven't already seen my review for Lockdown, then click here.

Favourite Quote

Erm, didn't quite have a favourite quote. This book was just full on panicking for me. I did like the way Zee and Alex communicated in solitary though !!


4/5 I really liked it, but it didn't hold me in as much as Lockdown

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