July 04, 2012

[Review] Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

Paperback: 273 Pages
Publisher: Square Fish
Published (PB): August 3rd, 2010
Source: Public Library
Series: Escape from Furnace #1


Imagine a place:
- with gigantic dogs with no skin
- men of inhuman speed and strength
- sirens that tell time, but are at the same time, warning of death
- a warden's whose eyes you can never look into
- a prison with no escape

You get Furnace.

Holy. Crap. That was a GREAT book, so great even great doesn't explain it. Alex, a teenage boy, has been sentenced to Furnace for life for killing his best friend, but he didn't kill him. He was framed by the black suits, men from Furnace of inhuman strength. No he is imprisoned for something he didn't do, in a place with no way out. Even if you somehow found a way out, you'd die.

Throughout Lockdown, I always felt like there would be cameras watching. I mean, a prison full of youth who may or may not have committed crimes ? Maybe it's just me, but I kept on thinking of the book Incarceron through this book.

Alex didn't give up, and I loved him for it. He was always thinking of ways out, ways to live his life again on the surface of Earth, not underground. Once he had hope to hold on to, boy did he cling to it. I could connect with him in the sense that if it were me in the prison, I would want to find a way out. Except I probably wouldn't have done the things he did.

My favourite character though, would have to be Donovan. It seems like he's always having mood swings, sometimes he's pissed off and has a tough guy act, but sometimes he's just drunk on hope. I loved how he started out saying that in Furnace, you don't have friends, but later on we just see him getting more and more attached to Alex. He could be hilarious at times, and dead serious at others. My heart just BROKE when he was taken away. (Yes, I cried)

Another surprising character was Monty. I don't know why, but when he was described as being big, and meaty, I thought he would be tough and stand up for himself. I didn't know he would have such an effective role in this book either. If it weren't for him, Alex probably wouldn't be the Skull's bait, but he also wouldn't be alive.

I feel like the only thing lacking would be the history of the characters. I really wish we could get to know Alex, Donovan, and Zee a lot better, and hopefully we do throughout the rest of the series.

Lockdown made my heart race because of different reasons, laugh, and cry. This book was well written, the plot was amazing, with some twists here and there, and it ran real smooth. I absolutely loved it. Lockdown completely blew me away.

Favourite Quote

"Alex, I think I love you"
                                                 - Donovan 

(This is probably just my shipper heart speaking)


5/5 I can't wait to read Solitary.

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