July 19, 2012

[Review] Fearless by Francine Pascal

Fearless/Sam/Run by Francine Pascal

Paperback: 586 Pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published (PB of all three books): January 31, 2012
Source: Bought from Wal-mart
Series: Fearless #1,2,3

The book I bought is really composed of three books, so below will be a separate review for each. (Fearless, Sam, Run) I will rate the 3 books as one, and pick my favourite quote out of all three as well.


Gaia is the main character of this book, and she is missing the fear gene. From what we know, her father made her into the thing she is. We know about this mission she's on, to teach lessons to gangs and others to not pick a fight with those who look vulnerable. I loved Gaia's character, she had this certain attitude to her, and she was also the kind of girl who shut down on her emotions sometimes.

I liked the way Fearless was told in a few ways: first person POV, and third person POV, with different people for each POV. It made the story more interesting to know the feelings of most of the characters

However, the different point of views made up for a really scattered book. As I was reading this, I was just confused beyond belief where this book was headed. The whole time it was talking about gang members slashing, that was it. Nothing else, and even though there were a few sweet moments (between Sam and Gaia), and heart pounding moments, I felt really lost in the sense that I didn't know what it was trying to build up to.


Sam and Gaia are the reasons I keep reading this, because they have such interesting characters that I want to learn more about. Gaia being fearless wanted to eat her donuts when a gun was being shoved into her head. Sam just feels very conflicted because he has a safe and loving girlfriend, Heather, who happens to hate Gaia, and also loves the mysterious Gaia. 

This book took a whole new turn in characters that were introduced in Fearless. People are not who they seem to be, and more surprisingly, there are people Gaia never knew about. 

Sam definitely had a lot more action than Fearless, however the plot was still very confusing. So we have CJ who wants to kill Gaia because he thinks she was the one who killed Marco. Not only does CJ want Gaia, but also a mystery person wants Gaia for her skills. However, I feel the plot is on a very unstable platform, even though there is a lot more developing features, and an actual climax, most of it was just about Gaia wanting to lose her virginity and running from CJ.


Lots of things seem to be happening, and it's from everything that had been developed from the last two books. It was also a lot better than the last two because I wasn't as confused. However, I'm still wondering why she has to go on this mission to save Sam ? I get that someone wants Gaia for her special skills, but once they get her, what will they use her for ? 


I may or may not continue reading the series, becasuse there are 30 something books in the series. The writing overall is alright. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but I certainly love me some kick-ass girls !! 

Favourite Quote

"Hi, I know you have a girlfriend and don't like me at all, but do you want to have sex ?"
                                                                                            - Gaia Moore 


3.5/5 I certainly didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I expect Gaia to be running for her life kind of thing, but instead I got a scattered, unstable book, with lots of action. 

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