July 11, 2012

[Review] Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith

Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith

Paperback: 261 Pages
Publisher: Square Fish
Published (PB): February 14th, 2012
Source: Library
Series: Escape from Furnace #3


In Death Sentence, it's what it sounds like, death. But not in the way you think, instead, Alex is turning into someone something, he's dreaded of becoming the day he found out about it, a blacksuit.

As much as he hated and dreaded it before, as much of a fight he's tried to put up, the black "nectar" injected into him feeds on the feelings of sadism, violence. It is what brings Alex to believe that the world treated him like crap, which allows him to believe the warden when he tells Alex that he's helping him, offering him power. Isn't it funny sad what power does to the people who wants it ? People who've been bullied before may become the bullies because they've always felt like the prey, the victim, which they were, and now when the chance comes to instead become the predator, they may take it. They become the bully, the predator.

With his new silver eyes, not only is everything seen in more detail, Alex even sees the blacksuits as brothers, and he isn't even afraid of the wheezers anymore. Death Sentence reminds me of Maze Runner because every time something slips into his mind, it slips away, gone, he can't remember it. But sometimes he does..

I loved how the real Alex was in his dreams, warning him to not forget his name. I also loved how after what happened in the last two books, Alex, when he's the REAL Alex, still doesn't give up on escaping. I love his determination to just get out of Furnace.

Alexander Gordon Smith did a great job of writing this book, and he made it feel like I was in Furnace as well.

Favourite Quote

On someone's last name:

"Yes, sir, Mr. Rojo-Flores... What does that mean anyways ?" - Alex
"It literally means 'Killer-of-those-who-jerk-my-chain', so watch it" - Simon
"Means 'red flowers'" - Zee


5/5 Kept me interested throughout the whole book. I kept on thinking in my mind, "Hold in there Alex, just remember your name man. Alex Sawyer."

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