July 26, 2012

Canada's Olympic Readathon and Updates

I've just joined Canada's Olympic Readathon and I set a goal of reading 1500 from the days of July 27 - August 12. I hope you guys will join in on the fun as well. (:

Also, I wanted to tell everyone that I'll be absent for the next few days. I'm hanging out my cousins tomorrow (well, since it's 1AM right now, I guess it would be TODAY), going to Calgary on Friday, and then to Capital Ex with friends on Saturday. I actually haven't scheduled anything besides my book blogger hop. And I'll also be vlogging my Sunday Updates ON Sunday, just because I was lazy this week.



  1. Sounds like you have a great few days planned! I'm happy you're joining the readathon! I think I may have set my goal too high, but we'll see ...

    1. Ahaha, yea I saw !! I hope you reach it anyways !! I'm just joining because it seems fun, and now I have a goal to work towards !


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