July 13, 2012

Book Blogger Hop [July 13 - 19]

The Book Blogger Hop is held my Crazy for Books, go check it out !! This week's question is: 

Book Blogger HopHow long does it take you to read a book ?

It really depends on the size of the book, and how interesting it is. But if it's interesting and hooks me in real quick, and if it's around 300 or 400 pages, then I could finish it in 2 days, sometimes even 1. But if it's a really slow, dragging book, and also around 300 or 400 pages, it'll probably take me at least a week. 


  1. Hopping by...

    Size has never really mattered with books, though larger books can obviously slow anyone down. For me, it's always about the story. If the story is good, I gobble it down. If the story is bad, then like hated veggies, it can take me forever, even if the book is short.


  2. Hi. Just stopping by from the hop. I think we all have the same... depends on the book... comment. New follower. Hope you can stop by and see my answer.


    Happy Tuesday


    1. Thanks for following !! I'll visit your blog right now. (:


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