June 03, 2012

[Sunday Update] #4

HEYOOO ~ Here is my weekly Sunday update for you guys ! Everything you need to know about what went on is right here, and if you missed anything, links will be RIGHT HERE, COOL RIGHT ? Just kidding, I'm so lame. ANYWAYS, on with the update.

Sorry, no reviews, or new books this week. I've been busy all week, and probably for the next month due to exams, but I PROMISE, lots coming to you in the summer. DON'T WORRY.


Tuesday To Read #3

YA Sisterhood 2nd YA Crush Tourney Banner

News for this week:

Like I said, I have finals/exams, and I have to study !! HOWEVER, I am participating in the Armchair BEA, and I've scheduled all my posts, so those will be popping up. I hope you enjoy it !! And I'll also have the Tuesday To Read as well, NO WORRIES. My blog will be up and running, I just won't be reading, sadly because it IS called a book blog.

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